Art Meets Humanitarian Aid – Nancy Aossey Speaks at Women Under The Radar Series

President & CEO of International Medical Corps Nancy A. Aossey spoke Thursday in Ketchum about an increasing awareness of the need for providing humanitarian assistance to developing nations during times of crisis.

Aossey was invited to speak in Sun Valley by photographer Stephanie Freid-Perenchio as part of an ongoing series of lectures by “Women Under the Radar.”

Aossey has 25 years of experience in supplying emergency medical relief, global health support and long-term recovery plans to troubled and unstable countries around the world.

“The media has had a tremendous impact on how we view the world,” Aossey said to a group of women at the Stephanie Freid-Perenchio studio.

Freid-Perenchio’s “Voiceless Child” photography exhibition runs at the studio, 680 E. Sun Valley Road in Ketchum, through Aug. 30.

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