A Mother’s Love


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A Mother’s Love- 2008, Maasai Mara

32″ x 38” 100% Viscose Printed Scarf

The love of a mother for her calf is probably the greatest love in elephant society. Because the female elephants live cross-generationally, the bond between mother and daughters lasts 50 years or more. All the female elephants in a herd rejoice as a community when a baby elephant is born—they bellow and blare in celebration. The calf, so small in comparison, walks under her mother, protected. The pair is in constant contact—the mother bathes her calf, helps it over obstacles, steers the calf by grasping its tail with her trunk. If the calf is in distress, the mother and others will rush in to protect it.

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A Mother’s Love is also available as a Limited Edition Print.