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“Rebel with a Cause”

Like so many others, local humanitarian documentary photographer Stephanie Freid Perenchio was captured by Sun Valley’s expansive charm and fresh air. But since moving from Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters, she has been determined to bring the outside world into Sun Valley for people to see, converse about and act upon.

When 9/11 hit the United States, Perenchio was struck by how easily one can fall into “living in a bubble,” when in reality there exists, of course, a much larger world. As she described, “I really wanted to give back to some of the people that I felt were fighting the war and letting us have the life that we have here.”  She had a connection with an officer in the Navy SEALs who ran special operations in Afghanistan and pitched him the idea of doing “A Day in the Life of a SEAL” project that would give people a better understanding of the daily sacrifices, both in the field and at home, of these men and their families.

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