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FILTERED: What Does Love Look Like? Featuring Stephanie Freid-Perenchio’s Photo

FILTERED: What Does Love Look Like?        

Friesen Gallery                      

Exhibition opens February 14, 2014

A mother’s love is the first and most enduring love of all. Unequivocal and unconditional, a mother’s love is a blanket of protection. This elephant calf lost his mother before he was even two months old-the trauma of elephant poaching. Here, a caregiver at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Rescue in Kenya feeds this orphaned calf and the calf reaches up with his trunk in a show of intimacy and affection. The blanket, the bottle, the trusting eyes–we can see the gravity of this loss as the calf seeks comfort from the hands that hope to heal him.

Family Planning 20/20 The Gates Foundation Annual Report

Dear Stephanie,

We’re pleased to share an advance copy of the FP2020 progress report.  We wanted you to see just how incredible your photos have made our report look!  We’ve received feedback from everyone that the photos are just visually stunning. Stephanie, we really can’t thank you enough. I am now hoping we can get a head start on next year’s report!


Zahra Aziz

Senior Communications Officer, FP2020

FP2020 Annual Report PDF


Bund Pic Magazine China – SEALs Under the Lens

Two years ago, on May 1, 14 minutes killing of Osama bin Laden’s actions allow SEALs fame. Until the 1990s, however, this is still the United States special forces in the world to maintain a sense of mystery. From 2002 to 2012, the U.S. female photographer Stephanie Freid-Perenchio Navy will get when he allowed Robert Harward, tracking “seal” the team’s training, and has twice the army depth in Afghanistan, close observation Zhezhi ace forces with the lens, they opened a mysterious veil.